Stranger Family


Stranger Family, a collective of the five foremost artists performing in the British Asian music industry today comprising of: Mumzy Stranger, Junai Kaden, Tasha Tah, Char Avell and Ramee. The Stranger Family through their music and image represent the generation of South Asians growing up in UK today. Their vibe is young, hip and urban.

They are a unique collective of musicians all ‘homegrown’ but from diverse South Asian backgrounds and their style of fusing eastern and western sounds/lyrics is exclusive to them and current. Their music and lyrics resonate with all generations, races and cultures and sometimes all the listening desires of all these audiences are fulfilled and showcased all in one track!

The Stranger Family through their distinct music and image represent, promote and unify a culture of acceptance across South Asian borders that has developed through a South Asian generation growing up in multi-cultural Britain.

In addition to singing in English they can between them sing in nearly all the main languages of the south Asian sub-continent i.e. Panjabi, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali and they cover a range of musical vibes and genres for all tastes. Mumzy interlaces his signature ‘bashment’ (Dancehall) style with  mainstream urban sounds and occasionally Bollywood tracks. Junai’s vibes have been described as modern Qawwali/urban/RnB and Tasha is a Punjabi singer with classical and urban twists added to her sound. Ramee’s sound is mainly Bhangra (genre of popular Punjabi music) and Char Avell is a smooth, fantastic RnB singer.

Very recent highlights for the Stranger Family have been:

  • Headline act at their first international South Asian music festival – desiFest 2012 Toronto, 26th May 2012 (largest South Asian cultural festival in N.America,
  • Headline act at Boishakhi Mela 2012, largest South Asian music festival in Europe and held near Brick Lane, London

The Stranger Family performance at the latter event can be viewed on our You Tube channel:, as can many other performances and blogs relating to all our artistes.

To satisfy the demands of a loyal and steadfast fan-base the Stranger Family have just released their first track, ‘Ghetto Refix’ upon which they all feature. The accompanying You Tube video has had over 250,000 plus views in two weeks.

What is so unique and unusual about this collective within both the mainstream and British Asian music industry is that each artiste carries an equal if not higher individual media and public profile to the collective brand. Previous to the formation of the Stranger Family the artistes were all and still are performing musicians in their own right with international and national standing.


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