Ramee is the latest signing to Tiffin Beats Records. She is a beautiful, talented and an amazing Punjabi and English singer from Glasgow, Scotland. At only 18 years old she has many accolades and achievements under her sparkling belt.

At the age of 11 she released her debut album, titled, ‘Dil Milde’ produced by famous Indian music director, Atul Sharma. The songs on this album were all written by Shamshir Singh Sandhu and the entire album featured Punjabi folk music sung by Ramee and her brother, Munmeet Sandhu.

She is already an accomplished and experienced performer, having sung and danced since she was 11 years old at not only South Asian festivals/events but also at bi-cultural events.

Her recent public and privately booked performances have all been with the Stranger Family. Ramee is also a professional dancer and has danced with a bi-cultural dance group called ‘Punjabi No.1’ for 13 years.

Adding to her list of talents is modelling and her good looks and bubbly personality have earned her the crown of Miss India Scotland 2012. As part of the world pageant, in Suriname, she performed a traditional South Asian dance and had the fortunate opportunity to meet the President of Suriname.


Ramee’s arrival into Tiffin Beats Records is signalled by the release of her debut single, ‘Peengh’ (means swing). The track was literally recorded during her first audition with Mumzy Stranger in his studio after Ramee had sent in her promo CD to the label. The song has been written in Punjabi by Ramee’s father and Mumzy has applied his inimitable sound and production to the track. Char Avell (Stranger Family) also features on the track with his vibe of English lyrics. The resulting track is described by Mumzy as, “chopped up Hip Hop Bhangra with synth RnB chords”.

There is no doubt amongst Asian music industry onlookers that Ramee is a star in the making. Of those that have had the pleasure of meeting her and experienced her many talents, ‘born to be a star’are the words that usually leave their lips!

Ramee continues her amazing journey in 2012 and beyond, not only carving her own unique music path but also performing as part of the Stranger Family


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